The Different Stages of Fibromyalgia (6th is Shocking …

Level 1

You have begun to feel pain and fatigue that he never knows what’s going on, but it hurts and he is tired. He can do a job, you can do it during the day, but you know that something is wrong … so it’s something that will start to investigate.

2nd step

You have a lot of pain, sometimes taking an anti-inflammatory medication or whatever. They do not give you a lot of relief and have accepted that it will be something that will take time. He feels a lot of pain and is exhausted almost every day, but most of all to continue to keep a job, you can always attend events, spend time with your friends and loved ones and have a good time here and there.

step 3

You are constantly suffering, you are constantly tired, you wonder if you can still work normally again.Consider you can not work because they no longer have the energy you already have you came home from work and everything can do it’s resting You have to refuse invitations, you have no energy and you have to rest to come back tomorrow. At this point, you start to feel lonely and more and more people are starting to think you are crying too. This step can take a long time, maybe years.

step 4

You suffer all the time, the good days are few. You call sick work what it still does. You are in bed a good part of the day. When you have a good day and do as much as possible, all you have left over the last few weeks to spend the day, knowing that tomorrow will pay off. His eruptions of several days. At that time, friends, without making plans, they already know their excuses and certainly do not manage to get to the hotel. Your family is starting to think that fibromyalgia is an excuse for not doing things because 1 to 3 steps could do a lot of what can be done now. They think they use the disease as an excuse: you feel lonely, isolated, worried, emotional, sad. This step can last for years.

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