I can not be the “perfect housewife” with fibromyalgia, and that’s good.

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Par: Alicia Thompson

I must admit he was a rather unusual child. I grew up watching cooking shows, Martha Stewart and “I Love Lucy”. I dreamed of being the ideal housewife of the 50’s with a flawless house. (I know, call me old-fashioned, but I found it amusing.) One day I imagined doing the detailed DIY for which Martha Stewart had found the time. I imagined cooking gourmet dishes, homemade bread, fresh butter and still have time to sew, do crafts, clean and grow in the garden. I dreamed of one day to be, well, perfect.

When I finally had my big dream, I planned all the ways I would use my time as a housewife. I was going to keep my house spotless, prepare dinner every night, and work on fun manual work during my free time. Finally, I was going to have time to do all the fun projects I dreamed about. I was going to make our house a home and I was excited!

But it did not go as planned. (And honestly, I realized it’s okay!)

About a year after my marriage, I discovered that I had fibromyalgia. I had fought the fatigue and pain that prevented me from doing most of the things I planned. I found myself watching television most days, lying on my couch and dreaming about all the projects I wanted to do.

In my very good days, I exceeded my limits and tried to do everything on my list. Again and again, I tried too hard and I had too much trouble doing something for weeks. I was so frustrated that no matter how much I tried, my body kept giving.

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