Fibromyalgia: Problems with the drug Lyrica (pregabalin

Complaint In order for public health to prepare a drug for Fibromyalgia banned in Europe
Fibromyalgia Association of Navarre (Afina) criticized yesterday that public health doctors continue to prescribe a drug against this prohibited disease in Europe and may increase the risk of suicide . The drug, Lyrica (pregabalin), sold in pharmacies in Navarre, was born 30 years ago to combat epilepsy, and, according to the association, was questioned this year by drug agencies in Europe and in the United States, in addition to receiving the beating of American justice with a charge of fraud that left millions in compensation.

Afina explained that the European Medicines Agency (EMEA) is committed to removing the vademecum Lyrica, as a drug aimed at fighting fibromyalgia diseases that affects approximately 24,000 Navarrese, which is characterized by widespread chronic pain. The agency, as reported by the association, rejected Lyrica’s claim to advertising and used it for fibromyalgia precisely when it is a drug that had already been often prescribed to patients with this disease.

In a notice published on April 23, it is argued that “studies have not shown significant short or long-term effect” and believes that “the benefit / risk ratio is not proven”, while emphasizing that “no it leads a clinical trial in this respect in the European Union “. To sharpen, the news causes more of a puzzle for those who are affected by this disease: “We are not guinea pigs. They are outraged, not only because the case of one of the reference medicines in the Spanish public health. It is also the first medicine included in the section of the word Indications Fibromialgia. It has been the US Agency for Drugs (FDA), a worldwide reference, which in June 2007, this new application included in the drug, which for one year in the only drug indicated against this disease. On the basis of a component called pregabalin, previously used only to fight epilepsy and chronic pain caused by nerve damage.

The association has censored the Spanish Medicines Agency continue to ignore Lyrica’s ban on fibromyalgia, which causes the drug to continue to be prescribed by public health doctors. Behind all this controversy as to whether or not this drug is prescribed -indicaron of forget-where-where this disease has fallen.

Lyrica Hazards
Lyrica is a brand name for pregbalin prescription drugs. Doctors generally prescribe the drug for the treatment of epilepsy, as well as to relieve the discomfort caused by diabetes, fibromyalgia and shingles. The pregbalin works by interfering with the nerves in your body that contribute to the seizure and the feeling of pain. Despite its effectiveness, Lyrica has a risk of side effects in some patients.

Lyrica presents a risk of serious allergic reactions in some patients, warns the National Library of Medicine in the United States. One possible effect is angioedema, which causes symptoms such as swelling of the face, tongue, lips, gums and throat. The disease requires emergency medical care and is more likely in patients taking ACE inhibitors for hypertension drugs such as enalapril. Other allergic reactions may occur with Lyrica, resulting in hives, difficulty breathing, and wheezing.

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