Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue are two similar syndromes and some unknown experts and against which there is no effective treatment.

Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue are two syndromes that cause a lot of pain in people who suffer and eventually cause many social problems. These diseases do not have the pain that the visible physical manifestation.


Employees, family and friends suspect that the person is sick and, finally, the feeling of rejection and misunderstanding of society. Therefore, many of these patients need the support of a psychologist or psychiatrist treatment when sending the rheumatologist, as has been pointed out in the Faro Rodríguez Páez Concepción, an expert in this field of the hospital district Melilla done

People who suffer from these cases will need more research to understand the causes and the best treatments and a better understanding of the citizens and the various entities.

The incidence in Melilla

In reference to fibromyalgia Melilla, the number of people affected by this syndrome is similar to that of other cities, according to Rodríguez Páez. And he only met two people who have chronic fatigue in their consultations, since it is more difficult to diagnose, although these data can not be extrapolated for comparison with others nationwide.

There is a lack of knowledge about these diseases. It occurs, or means to relieve pain and eradication are questions every day, patients and specialist doctors. “There is much more research,” said Rodríguez Páez, who said that one of the latest studies that have access to and what was done in Seville detailed a drug with a better Q10 over suffering 20 patients who had been tested. However, he pointed out the lack of information that exists about these diseases at the general level and also from his colleagues.

Melilla, these patients perceive the changes of time. In these past days from east to west they are always more stressful for Melilians have fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue. Páez Rodríguez said that these days coincide with the visit, patients indicate more pain throughout the body.

However, the expert said there is a factor in these patients with no evidence studied at that time. Thus, according to a study conducted in Galicia with a very high sample of patients that was not cited to affect humidity or change of time.

  Similar, but not the same

These two conditions are very similar as observed by this common Rheumatologist, although in the case of fibromyalgia and other fatigue pain.

The main problem with these two diseases is causing discomfort throughout the body, if Páez Rodríguez believes that the syndrome. They are diagnosed while other tests are negative disease. The onset of chronic fatigue is often the discomfort of the throat. The rheumatologist said he does not know if it is a virus that causes the disease in a susceptible patient, but the result is that the person suffering from it has no desire and extreme fatigue. usually also has a little fever, but after several days the patient has run out.

“The main problem is the lack of understanding of people. These people are isolated and should be avoided, “he said. There are few treatments and with this constant feeling in the body, many patients suffer from depression. Therefore Rodriguez Paez emphasized the importance of gentle exercise and do not stop receiving advice.

Referring to the fibromyalgia syndrome emphasizes that when pain is sustainable and does not usually improve with pain. This syndrome is associated with changes in the brain, in particular, which is not a metabolic disorder of neurotransmitter enzymes. It usually appears in people who have suffered from chronic pain or even a car accident and suffered for a long time. It is under the consideration of suffering this pain can change your perception in the brain and cause fibromyalgia. But beyond that, this expert said that not only affects the modulation of pain, but also affects other systems such as muscle or hormone.

Another expert advice for these patients is to perform exercises such as yoga or tai chi and have a varied diet of foods. Páez Rodríguez said very frustrating for medical diseases because they have many weapons to fight against them.

The syndromes are not new in medicine 

Rheumatologist Concepcion Rodriguez Paez told Faro these two syndromes have been defined for centuries, although they have been known by other names. In fact, the comments on the case of the famous painter Frida Calo, which expresses in her paintings as fibromyalgia felt. So she got a job in which she pushes the nail into her body. He even went to the opening of one of his exhibitions in bed to avoid pain

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