Fibromyalgia and … Why does it reveal us in a social meeting, or with family or friends?

I’ve been thinking about how I can describe this strange thing that happens to me, the fact that being together with other people exhausts me …
I think that ”  social exhaustion  ” is just as good as any other description, although it is not quite right.
I experienced this  terrible and strange feeling of fibromyalgia  last weekend.
My mother and her husband came.
I had invited them, in fact, I had encouraged them to come and I really liked having them with me.
We had a great weekend, my children were at home, we played games, we ate, we talked and we laughed a lot.
All in all it was a nice weekend.
Except …
That I was completely exhausted for dinner on Saturday, I hardly kept my head up, exhausted and shattered.
I really wanted to play a game with everyone, I love games!
Or more of our homemovies, but   I was just … so …   tired.
Eventually I gave up at 9 o’clock in the evening and went to bed, while the others stayed until well after midnight.
Being in my room and in bed was a big relief!
Sleeping quietly and reading a book did me good.
I think my mother was angry when she asked me why my light was so late.
Even after 13 years   she tends to take it personally  , especially when I need a break, or I can not be anymore.
I do not blame her, it is difficult to understand for someone,   how to be harmful to the people you love?
You feel the exhaustion of energy, it is no different than doing too much physical, it is over-stimulation.
The sound of a large group (or even a small group), in an attempt to call  to  perform,  is too much for my mind to handle.
Even a short meeting, because my reading group has this effect on me.
How can it be that sitting in a comfortable room, talking about a good book for 2 hours with friends, is too much for me?
I do not know, but when I get home from the reading group, I feel overly stimulated, I have to take an anxiolytic to sleep (which I rarely need).
I needed time to read this weekend after I went to bed,   giving my brain some time to calm down and recover, to soothe my nerves …  
I think that’s why I love camping.
Without a telephone, television or computer, it is relaxing, quiet and easy to operate.
Nature, clouds, trees and flowers, wind, its soothing and a balm of the modern world.
My body responds to a social encounter in the same way that it responds to physical exertion.
It is too much effort from another species, but with the same effect.
All this is difficult to accept because I am very social.
I love being with people, talking with friends or being with family.
I had many friends in high school, I was chairman of my brotherhood at the university.
It was always the one who organized a trip or a game, I wanted to stay until later, invite more people, go on.

I loved the meetings in our house.
Even now it is difficult for me to accept that something that I liked so much could have such a negative effect.
Fortunately, my ability to tolerate social situations has improved over the past 10 years.
I love seeing my friends or going to my reading group, or yes, spending time with my family.
But   my body tells me when it is too much.
I usually limit myself to one social event per week (and yes, going to a reading group counts as “important”!).
Sometimes I can manage a second social outlet, especially if I am alone with a few close friends.
I know that when I reach my limits, I can tell my good friends!
I have been told that I am clearly deteriorating if I have had too much social interaction. 
When I had too much – as happened this weekend – it is a great relief to be in solitude, silence.
A normal Sunday ruins me like that, when my son and his in-laws are eating together with the rest of the family.
I like to have them all together, but I can not take it anymore at the end of the day.
Monday morning – awakening in a quiet house, all alone – is like a balm for my mind and my exhausted body.
I can recover from social exhaustion, pretty good, but I need that quiet, relaxed time without stimulation.

It is vital for my well-being. 

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