Fibromyalgia, the disease that breaks you: the hard testimony of a patient

Little is known about fibromyalgia, the chronic disease that causes pain and insomnia in those who suffer from it; But maybe it’s time to listen to what those who live with this constant pain have to say.


Can you imagine living with a generalized body ache that tires you during the day and does not let you sleep during the night? It is said that for 2 to 5 percent of the world population this life is a reality, because they suffer from the chronic disease known as fibromyalgia. the fibromyalgiaIt arises as a neurochemical imbalance in the central nervous system that causes musculoskeletal pain in various areas of the body. Formerly, it was thought that this pain was the result of a somatization disorder – a process by which psychological changes are transformed into physical symptoms without a cause beyond “the mental” -; But after years of research, the World Health Organization has managed to classify fibromyalgia as an alteration of the nervous system. In addition, it has been discovered that women are more prone to suffer from this chronic disease.


Many patients have to go through a difficult period of diagnosis in which doctors and the people around them doubt the veracity of their symptoms, this “supposed pain” that seems to have no cause. But as always, the most important thing to understand a disease is to approach and listen to those who suffer from it. That is why we share the testimony of Marta, a survivor of fibromyalgia.




“It all started three years ago, well, the truth is that it’s been a lot longer; but we started to see it more clearly later, when I came back from playing handball because my friends, like everyone else, were tired, but I always came back much more tired than usual. It was the Day of Kings and I left page, I remember that on returning home I did not know if it could come from the pain I had in my legs and how tired I was. All these symptoms disconcerted me, my parents and me, because it was not normal for a girl my age to ask me to please give me a wheelchair because I could not move, there were people who told me that I was very vague, even some professors and doctors said it.

My mother was already beginning to think that it could be fibromyalgia, but having few data we decided to go to the hospital and after a week we were confirmed that, indeed, I had fibromyalgia. At first I did not know how to react because I had never heard that name before, but when a month passed, I wished I did not have this disease, because I knew it would be for life and that if I had to take on this disease I would also have to endure many Teasing all the people around me.




When I already thought that my life was over, in the sense that I could never again be like a normal person, my mother found a book of blood groups; and since we had already tried many things, we thought that by trying we did not lose anything. At first I had a hard time getting used to the diet, because we were starting to try different types of food and the truth was not very good. But the months passed and when I saw that I could walk again and do things like the others, we decided to continue with the diet. When I started to see that I could run again without contractures or break my fibers, I started to be a happier girl, although before I was already, but I had more desire to live and travel or go out at night with my friends.

In these moments I am very proud of what my parents and friends did for me: So that I would not be burdened having to eat differently from others, both my parents and my friends tried to eat like me, I will always be grateful for them All this.




My parents have decided to explain all this in a book to help and that no one else has to suffer everything that I have suffered, and so that people including doctors can see that fibromyalgia has a solution. I hope everyone improves. I also think that being able to talk about it can serve to improve, this I have been able to personally verify a few days ago. In the Institute we had to talk for four minutes about any topic and explain it in class in front of the classmates. After talking with my mother I decided that a topic that I knew was fibromyalgia, at home I was rehearsing how and what I was going to say and it seemed that I had everything very prepared, what I could not know was what was going to happen.




My turn came and I went to the blackboard in front of my classmates, everything seemed to go well until there came a time when, after explaining what was fibromyalgia, the people affected in the world and the symptoms of this disease, I had to say that two years ago I had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, at that moment I began to notice that the words did not come out and that I drowned, I was crying and the worst thing was that I could not stop, my classmates looked at me without knowing what to do and the teacher He told me to breathe and reassure me. At that moment I realized everything I had suffered and how sick I had become, I also thought about my parents and how much they had suffered too. It was as if something had suddenly been uncovered in me that was hidden inside me and that had suddenly emerged to the outside, The truth is that I was surprised, relaxed and made me feel good. With the help of my friends and the teacher I was able to continue and finish my story that I had never wanted to tell anyone before.

My parents have fought hard to get other people who suffer from fibromyalgia listen to them and follow their advice, I thank them for their constant struggle. And to all those who suffer from it, I want to tell you that with perseverance, patience and willpower you can overcome it just as I have overcome it. “


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