“Fibromyalgia” proved to be low metabolism and milk allergy.

Mona was told that it was fibromyalgia. Doctor Siri revealed milk allergy and low metabolism. Does that apply to you too?

Mona Vagmo (pictured) is the general manager of Caluna. She says:
I’m freezing. I’m exhausted. Headache. I’m itching. Pain throughout the body.
I am the general manager of Caluna, should understand their own health. No.
That’s why I’m at Dr. Siri.
As Calunaleser you have probably received Siris’s metabolism school and “Project Hege.”
Hege wanted to lose weight and sparkle. Siri revealed why her combustion had stopped. 
What can Siri reveal to me?


I thought my troubles are due to autoimmune conditions. Siris’s answer should show something else.
I have spent five years getting there where I am today: Better, but not healthy.
It started with a total collapse. In the years after the collapse I lay on the couch and smelled of disability insurance.
I’ve done everything: Added diet – follow paleo and AIP (autoimmune protocol).
I ferment, take vitamins and minerals, work with stress management.
Why do I wake up for so many days? Throbbing headaches, pain?
I have to go to Siri.
I’m telling and responding carefully to forms. Siri takes a series of samples. I’m waiting for an answer.


Play Siri Aabel joins Crete!                          Mona is not completely healthy. Doctor Siri gives answers.

Burned, says the doctor

As a child, I had a lot of pain in my stomach and head. I was tired.
– Burned, the doctor said when I was grown with zero energy and spark.
Oh well.
Laying me on the couch, waiting for better times. They come, they go.
I do not accept it, there must be clear reasons? Other than “burned out”?
Multiple investigations.
Antibodies suggest rheumatoid arthritis, symptoms similar to fibromyalgia. Thus, an autoimmune condition. Should I really struggle with fibromyalgia for the rest of my life?
I reduce cereal and milk. Milk – as parents and authorities we said “must have!”


Milk allergy, says Siri

Then the answers from the blood tests are there, I’m at Siri Aabel again.
Milk Allergy! Not just intolerance.
The good news is that I do not have fibromyalgia – I can recover!
“Avoid all milk,” says Siri.
Goodbye to everything from cheese to croissants, Toblerone and my favorite dishes …
– Also, you have a low metabolism.
No wonder I feel tired, frozen and hurt.

Stomach acid

Siri has asked me to check the stomach acid. A simple test:

  • In the morning I drink the juice of a half-pressed lemon
  • If it is not in my stomach, I have too little stomach acid
  • Too little stomach acid causes me to nourish

I drink lemon juice, it does not sound. So I have too little stomach acid. No wonder blood samples showed vitamin B deficiency. Although I take four lemons daily – stuffy with vitamin B.
Siri has asked me to start with Aciglumin NAF (acid) from the pharmacy. They will increase the stomach acid until the body itself manages the job

              I had pain in my stomach since I was little. Red rash, relax, cold, pain … Mona is not healthy.

Siri Aabel explains

“Mona has thought that autoimmune disease is the cause of the plagues, but she does not have any antibodies that indicate it. The tests show milk allergy, she probably thought she was small.   

It explains many of the plagues.
Melkeallergy causes reaction in the intestine, and “full guy” in the immune system.
A little milk is enough to make her sick, and it does not matter if the source is sheep, cow or goat. All she can with is buffalo mozzarella.
Milk allergy is usually discovered in childhood.
Mothers with colic babies are now advised to cut out cow’s milk and cheese.

Low metabolism too

Mona also has a low metabolism. Both Type 1 (High TSH) and Type 2 (Low Body Temperature.)
Since her tyrosine value (T4) is “normal”, she will not qualify for Levaxin at the GP. Although TSH from the pituitary gland is too high.
Practice for GPs is to provide metabolism when TSH is above 4.4.
But they would like to see that T4 is below the limit, ie 11.
Mona has 14, therefore she would hardly have received drug metabolism at the GP.

Gluten-free lactose

I start Mona on a low dose metabolic drug, lactose free levaxin, (L Thyrox from HEXAL with relief.) Because Mona is presumably intolerant to lactose.
Milk allergy provides blood clots, and this can partly explain why Mona developed low metabolism.
But typical of metabolic disease as with other diseases is that there are more than one cause. “

Plan ahead

This is a jubilee’s day! I was afraid I would struggle with fibromyalgia for the rest of my life. Then it turns out that I can get well. I wonder:
How many out there are diagnosed fibromyalgia while they really have allergies and low metabolism?
Now I’ll test how the body responds to the metabolic drug L Thyrox.
Starts with a low dose of 25 mcg, increases to 50 mcg after one week.
I hope it helps the body to calm myself that I get warmth and energy.
I cut all of dairy products. Excited about how I get used to restaurants in the future …
Tips are received thanks!

To milk

  • milk sugar: called lactose (English lactose)
  • milk protein: called casein (English casein)
  • milk fat: much in butter cream seat cream (also contains casein)
  • plus minerals, vitamins and growth hormone
  • IgF (insulin-like growth factors) allows disposable can develop cancer by consuming too much pasteurized milk products
  • References and more on the subject can be found here.
  • milk-free butter: cleansed butter or GHEE can be used by those with cow’s milk allergy
  • Gry hammer shows how to make ready-made butter
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