When I was overwhelmed by the symptoms of fibromyalgia, I could hardly walk …

Bernadette Quinaou

Why this slogan and this logo?
When I was overwhelmed by the symptoms of fibromyalgia, I could hardly walk. I still had pain in my feet and legs that made walking very painful. I remember that once walking home from work, I cried so much the pains were strong. Because of that, I counted my steps, I had put in place strategies of avoidance to counter my difficulties to move. I had obviously reduced my perimeter considerably.

Thanks to the nickel therapy, I recovered my ability to walk. The pains are gone. And I walk normally again, including long and long distances.

The steps of my logo evoke that …

They are also in my slogan. This sentence of wisdom attributed to Augustine of Hippo, was offered to me by my friend Fabienne, while I had just left my work because of my failing health. After returning to good health through mickel therapy, I wanted to share this wealth with other people with fibromyalgia. So I started, I built my project, people trusted me, I trained, and I traced my way, pazapa …

Today I am really happy to accompany people in pain in nickel therapy and to see them, little by little, regain energy, not have any more pain and become independent to live without symptoms.

Who am I ?
Who am I ?
Born in 1958, I am married and mother of 2 big girls. I live in the north of France, in department 59.

Since my student life and throughout my professional career, I have been an educator. It was about transmitting knowledge and experience. This, among various audiences: children, adolescents, adults; healthy, physically or mentally handicapped, sick, elderly.

My husband suffering from Parkinson’s disease, I have been living as a caregiver for many years. Personal experience and in couple. Shared experience in a group of patients ‘words and their caregivers (see section on carers’ workshops).

I like to listen and help.
I like to transmit.
I like to meet. I like to put the link between people.
The difference does not scare me. On the contrary.
I like to invent, create, do something new.

Why mickel therapy and sophrology?
Why mickel therapy and sophrology?
Diagnosed with fibromyalgia in the fall of 2015, I benefited happily from nickel therapy. In a few sessions, I saw my symptoms diminish and then disappear. Under the guidance of my therapist, I learned what I call a “new way of life”. She introduced me to the method, accompanied and encouraged. Until I am autonomous. Today, I have recovered my energy, I have no more symptoms or if one or the other comes back, I know how to make it disappear.

Sophrology, I benefited when I was younger. In individual session, especially for the preparation for the birth of my first daughter. Also in times of fears lived in my daily life. I practiced for several years in a weekly group. There too, I was initiated, accompanied and encouraged by my sophrologist. I had to practice the exercises regularly in my daily life and to appropriate these tools.

These two practices join my personal experience: Transmitting knowledge and experience. To encourage. Relieve. Participate in the improvement of everyday life. Accompany to autonomy, pazapa …

In these two practices, no medicine, no touch of the person accompanied. No indispensable return on the past. I pledge to give the person that I accompany the means to improve his daily life and find the path of optimal well-being. The accompanied person undertakes on his side, with a real desire to change something in his life from today, to do the exercises proposed between two appointments.

The result of the accompaniment is in the hands of the accompanied!

My trainings
My trainings
For the nickel therapy, I followed the training with Clare Caldwell, head of the training in Great Britain and right arm of Dr. Mickel at the origin of this therapeutic approach. Clare has been practicing therapy for 13 years and has already accompanied more than 2000 people towards a return to good health and without symptoms.

For sophrology, I followed the training at the IFS – Sophrology Training Institute – founded by Mrs. Catherine Alliotta.

In the same period I followed the MBSR training (mindfullness based stress reduction) under the leadership of Bertrand Poret. I regularly practice full attention and Qi Gong.

My commitments and limits
I pledge to …
Welcome with kindness, respect and not judgment the people who come to me. To guarantee them complete confidentiality.

Give the means to the people I accompany so that they can reach their goal and become autonomous in their problematic.

Continue to train, including regular supervision and participation in a review group with other practitioners.

Within specific limits
In no case I substitute for health professionals. In any case, I establish a diagnosis. I never interfere with current medical treatments. If the problem of the person who comes to me does not fall within my competence, I invite him to contact other professionals.


1 Avenue du Pesage
59130 Lambersart


Courriel : bernadette.quinaou@pazapa59.fr
Téléphone : 06 51 26 74 31

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