Why does fibromyalgia hurt more at night?

At what time of day is the pain most intense? What is the time of day that you are afraid to arrive each day?

Why does fibromyalgia hurt more at night?

For some people that hour is the first hour of the morning, to others it is a random time, but for the majority of fibromyalgia patients, the pain becomes much worse and it is amplified at night. In fact, they have already established a routine, try to block or disguise the pain and discomfort throughout the day, try to complete all the tasks, try to socialize after the workday, but with an eye on the deadline for not lengthening Time away from home and try to avoid being out of your environment in the worst hours every day.

Another thing is when the day ends, they arrive home and can take off the armor they have worn throughout the day to manage and block the pain. At that moment when the guard is down and all the pain that has been tried to ignore with greater or lesser success is manifested with all its strength and intensity. In those moments, sleep is not an option because it is very difficult not to say it is impossible to reconcile it while the mind is busy trying to manage the same pain. The patient lies down thinking if he will be able to forget even for a few hours the pain, but it does not disappear or is easy to ignore.

Of course, there are other nights when the pain is not so intense. So what’s up? As always, keeping a diary of diet and daily activity can be useful in determining if there are particular triggers that seem to exacerbate the pain.


Research shows that with fibromyalgia, automatic excitement occurs in the brain during sleep. In addition, frequent interruptions prevent important restoration processes from occurring. Growth hormone occurs mainly during sleep, without a restful sleep and increased growth hormone, the muscles can not heal and neurotransmitters such as serotonin are not replenished properly. The lack of sleep of one night causes the person with fibromyalgia to wake up feeling tired and fatigued. The result is that the body can not recover from the tensions of the day that are accumulating and increasing the perception of pain, it is a vicious circle.



There are those who raise the possibility that as the day draws to a close, our body and our brain begin to disconnect from activity and responsibilities and can then refocus on themselves, which makes the pain associated with fibromyalgia come back. However, the conventional thing would be that at the end of the day our minds loaded with all the information and stimuli collected through our senses and processed by our brain and body throughout the day focused on rest and kept in torpor the sensation of pain. All this information and stimuli collected during the day are the main reason for the dream, the brain needs to disconnect and stop receiving information to put in order, Sort and discard what we have absorbed during the day and thus start a new day fresh and rested. Getting this rest is practically impossible for the patient with fibromyalgia, so he will get up in the morning without having got adequate rest, the information of the previous day will not have been properly classified, the rest will not have been complete and repairing but a new day begins the muscles have not been able to relax and rest at the beginning of the day with accumulated inflammation, with which the pain will come much sooner and the fatigue too.


Almost 100 × 100 of patients with fibromyalgia have insomnia problems and do not get a good night’s sleep, these tips can help you get a better sleep.


Take a relaxing bath  in warm water  at night. Put a kilo thick salt in the bath water, when submerged in hot water, our pores are opened and with a high amount of salt in the water, the body absorbs the minerals in the form of ions producing a renewal (osmosis). It is relaxing  since the hot water along with the minerals causes the body to release toxins and relax freeing us from stress. You will get magnesium for your body and relieves muscle pain.


Gently massage rosemary, cannabis or peppermint oil with its main pain points.


Practice yoga, pilates or some very soft stretching exercise to relax your muscles. On Youtube you can find plenty of videos to help you. As for example this:  click here.


Listen to relaxing music. On the internet there are radio stations that broadcast music to meditate or relax.


Meditate to calm intrusive thoughts and tension.


Sleep in a dark room, use an eye mask if necessary.


Keep your room as quiet as possible – If necessary you can use a white noise machine  like this one  (click here)  to drown the subtle annoying sounds and help you concentrate on resting. The one I have recommended also has other relaxing sounds and you can program it to turn off.


Ensure a comfortable room temperature in your resting space.


Avoid foods and drinks that contain caffeine, including tea, soft drinks, and chocolate, from noon.


It seems that there may be a variety of reasons for the pain of fibromyalgia to be more intense at night, but all point to the muscles being the key player. Once again I recommend that you try to keep a daily diary with the basic activities, your diet and days and hours of pain for a month or month and a half and then see if you find any triggers or common triggers.


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