WHY does not anyone offer the fibromyalgia ILL?

We often wonder    : WHY does not anyone understand the fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is known as an    “invisible disease”   , symptoms such as muscle pain, paresthesia, cramps, headaches, dizziness, memory loss, mental blockages, anxiety and others do not see or notice anyone more than the sick, it is that patients with    fibromyalgia    see become hypocrites (who give their health obsessively sick and without giving reasons).

It is also thought that they only want to draw attention and be the center of everything.

It should be added that the laboratory produces normal results and that the drug has not yet found or understood the cause of the disease, so it appears that only healthy people want attention because they also enjoy a good physical appearance.

When patients start to recognize symptoms, they do not understand because they feel bad when everyone, including doctors, and they look so good.

They doubt their own perceptions and that the pain and other symptoms are real.

Doctors, family and the environment raise this doubt when they say to the patient: “You can not be sick, you look very good, everything is in your head.” It makes the patient worse by not doing their jobs, tasks and living normal family and the patient begins to raise stress, anxiety and depression. They begin to hide the pain and discomfort by making themselves worse every day.

You reach a state of absolute powerlessness when you can no longer be physically or mentally, when pain is ineffectual and also leads to misunderstandings and distrust towards others, work colleagues, friends, doctors and even family.

If you suffer from fibromyalgia, you sometimes have doubts about yourself and the people you trusted when telling them what your condition was, you thought you were exaggerated.

It is therefore very important to know the illness well and to be well informed about how to react adequately when someone does not believe us without interfering or getting upset (causing us to see the crisis and relapse) is useful for storing our “discourses” and questions, questions and advice that will answer all of us firmly and securely so that they know that we do not live and live, even though they are not seen there.

We are not only suffering from physical pain and many other symptoms, but we must constantly convince others that what we are suffering is real.

It is also very important to have a good diagnosis and proper treatment. Find reliable information from reliable sources and remember that there are no miraculous healings.

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