Fibromyalgia – How can I reduce my plagues?

Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition characterized by pain, but as we went through in the previous blog people with fibromyalgia may have more other symptoms as well. Therefore, the treatment must be adjusted individually. There is no single treatment that will help against all the problems.

Fibromyalgia - How can I reduce my plagues?

The most important part of the treatment is self-care. In addition, medications will often be necessary. 
One must emphasize reducing symptoms and improving well-being.

  •  It is important to reduce stress. You must teach yourself to say no without feeling guilty. Try to maintain work and daily activities.
  •  Ensure good sleep hygiene. Healthy sleep habits are important for good quality of life.

It is important to follow a regular daily rhythm. Get up and stand up at the same time every day, even in the weekend. It stabilizes your inner biological clock.

Have a relaxing time before going to bed.

Mute the light and avoid television viewing, tablet and social media. Avoid job-related tasks if you have a home office. 
If you are sleepy and tired during the day, avoid taking a “powernap”.

Physical activity and exercise are healthy. It gives muscle relaxation and natural fatigue. But avoid hard training the last couple of hours before bedtime. 
Regular exercise seems to be useful. Be aware to start worsening at first. Collaborate with a physiotherapist to tailor a schedule that suits you. Treatment with a physiotherapist will in some cases lead to increased pain. Some have fun in the heated pool

Keep your activities on an even level. Do not take too hard when you have good days, it will often punish the following day.

Fibromyalgia - How can I reduce my plagues?

Keep on a healthy lifestyle both in terms of diet and alcohol.

Try to participate in activities that give you pleasure and satisfaction. Social contact is always important. 
Relaxation exercises and breathing techniques are something you can try. 
There may be so-called mastering groups where you live. In some places, the “pain school” is organized where learning strategies are mastered and meet others who can share their experience. Contact the Friskliv Center in your municipality.

In addition to the things mentioned above, there are many with fibromyalgia receiving drug treatment. 
Some people benefit from antidepressants in small doses. It can cushion pain and improve sleep. (Sarotex is an example) 
Some medications used in epilepsy (Neurontin and Lyrica) may seem beneficial. 
Anti-analgesics are also used, but one must be skeptical of the strong pain-relieving drugs that are addictive.

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