The mental fog and my fibromyalgia.

Three years ago, while talking with a friend, I noticed that it was difficult for me to express myself clearly. I used a basic vocabulary because I did not find the words necessary to make myself understood. I think she did not notice. This confusion made me feel slow.

Then, when I had to write a message to send by mail, I had the same difficulty, I did not remember the name of things and I had to make several corrections (more than usual) in what I wrote, I changed the order of the words, or I wrote letters that did not correspond, suddenly I forgot the spelling that, in my school years, had distinguished me; What was happening to me?

Living with fibromyalgia has led me to be more prudent, because as soon as something happens to me, it is very easy to think that everything goes well; Before reaching this conclusion, I gave him a moment before knowing if this “mental slowness” would be repeated.

The days did not change my created situation that got worse and could not easily solve a mathematical operation, had to think more carefully as if it were a complicated equation; Writing, speaking and even thinking was difficult.


How? you can ask yourself; to try to explain myself better I will use as an example to talk about a “table”:

Under normal conditions, you can talk on the table simply by naming it:
“Yesterday I left your books on the table.”
When you can not think clearly, you may not be able to name it; divagas, you have it in mind but you do not remember its name, you know what it is about, but you can not gather its meaning with its meaning; for example:
“Yesterday your books I left in … mmmmm, ehh in the wooden base, the one in the adjoining room of your kitchen”

But as I clarify, it’s just an example of what happens with more complex sentences or sentences when you do not think clearly, and you get an idea of ​​the frustration this has for a person who did it fluently and without worrying about communication adequate

I mentioned my neurologist and he told me about the mental fog, he said it was part of the fibromyalgia syndrome (but not exclusively); I could not help but ask: “How many more symptoms do you have?” He tried to make me understand that, since the origin of this syndrome is still not clear, only the coincidental symptoms have been observed with other patients. some experience this mental fog while others still do not appear having experienced it.

Mental confusion imposes a new fibromyalgia patient challenge, we must face the fact that when writing or speaking or just thinking that we need more energy than usual, we can not call the table “table” because we can not talk

This fog is also suffered by those who do not have a good night’s sleep, or those who sleep even those reaching their limits of tension; because the brain needs a complete rest and when it receives stimuli during its free time, it is overloaded and does not make its maximum capacity; It is enough to remember the nights he spent at the university to work early in the morning to attend the class at 7 am and not know where we were standing, the mental fog of fibromyalgia.

It has become so common that they call it Fibro-Fog, apparently the brain of Fibromyalgia does not rest once it falls asleep, many of us have also suffered long periods of insomnia; then, it must be assumed that the brain, when not receiving a rest at rest, is overexcited and in a permanent state of needless vigilance.

One thing we have to learn about fibromyalgia is that when we believe that we already know enough, something new is always happening, which forces us to take things at the same time, because everything seems to be going well. in slow motion.

This disease is the challenge of going more slowly, in a convulsive and unbridled world, is learning to see ourselves and perceive ourselves in another way, more reflective and between inspirations and sighs ..

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