The pain of fibromyalgia can affect any part of the body. Doctors involved in your treatment can also help you with your feet, but other than that, it is advisable to seek specific treatment, which focuses on foot. A 2011 study published in Arthritis Research and Therapy found that about 50% of people with fibromyalgia gives them pain on one or both feet. The same study reported that 91% experience pain in the neck, and 79% in the hip. You need to pay attention to this issue, because the pain in the feet can affect the way you walk, and this could have an adverse effect on the back, hips and knees.
If you have fibromyalgia and foot pain, this could become a huge suffering. Find socks (stockings) and shoes that can take all day may seem impossible.
Thus some readers described the pain in the feet:
“The soles of my feet is burning. This type of pain comes and goes again, sometimes it takes a couple of months. ”
“When I click on certain points on my feet, it’s like pushbuttons pain that triggers an electric shock.”
I have episodes of pain in the feet, I feel that although I have the barefooted legs on the floor. Everything just gets worse. It hurts not only the feet, but also on the instep.
It is possible that foot pain is caused by fibromyalgia. Our nerves are very sensitive. However, foot pain may be associated with different diseases:
Rheumatoid arthritis
Raynaud’s Syndrome
Myofascial pain syndrome
Pain in the feet may have a completely different origin and may not even be related to fibromyalgia. You may have suffered injuries or any of these problems:
Plantar fasciitis (inflammation of the fascia)
pressure on the sciatic nerve or other
If you suffer from severe foot pain that lasts more than a few days should go to your doctor, he you may recommend appropriate treatment.
If it turns out that foot pain is not relieved by fibromilagia for medical treatment, we must find ways to control pain.
Some people with fibromyalgia help them
shoes soft padded
Diabetic socks
soft – soled shoes
Soaking the feet in Epson salts
Gentle stretching
massage soft
cream cold
Orthotics (all those elements that correct some movement or some abnormal position, poor body)

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