25 habits of people with fibromyalgia

In the development of fibromyalgia, or “fibro”, may – be you will find you – even make some lifestyle changes to better reflect their illness. Whether pain, fatigue, chronic mental confusion or depression, symptoms can affect almost every aspect of his life. To manage these changes, many people can find self – select “habits” or adopt routine behaviors that help them meet the physical and emotional challenges they face.

We asked our powerful community to share some – some of the habits that have developed – good or bad – while living with fibromyalgia. Some of them may sound familiar to you. Make – we know how to deal with fibro in the comments below – below.


This is what the community told us:

1    “I have developed a habit not to share my health problems with anyone, fearing ridicule, judging or disbelief. It became so bad to the point that it is not only [with] family and friends is that sometimes I avoid telling doctors about some of my problems. ”

2   “I do not wear makeup (this could be positive or negative), but when you get to bed several times a day, do not bother again just wipe. Sleep is not good. ”

 “I have a bad habit of grinding teeth, bite your tongue or lockjaw when I concentrate or pain. I’m not going to realize that what I’m doing until I realized that the pain in the back. ”

 “No alarm clock, no appointment in the morning and my phone in silent mode during my regular sleeping hours. (I have an appointment in the morning with a time snooze alarm again, but my general rule is to avoid them. ”

 “At this point, I would call it a habit to be angry. I feel like in ‘chronic’ anger. It seems that nobody understands and everybody should be 20 year old normal. I had fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue since I was 4 years … you would think that everything would get for now. I’m mad “.

 “constantly check the doors when you go to bed or because I can not be sure that locked. ”

 “When I have a day” good “,   always    is exceeded. Every time. I force myself to do as much as possible before the collapse literally. I have so many days when all I can do is stay in bed, so when unicorn dodging a good day with mild pain comes around, I can not stop trying to do everything I am generally absent . But still pay dearly the next day, and sometimes even for a whole week. ”

8  “I have in my mind constantly how to record the steps. I only have so much in me (energy) and can not afford additional measures if I do all day. I do not like having to think all the time instead of just enjoying it with things as they come. ”

9. “With my Fibromyalgia, I almost constant migraine symptoms. Then I got used to cover your eyes if I see someone adjust lighting or enter a room with lights activated by motion. Otherwise, changes in lighting can be painful or overwhelming. I get funny looks from people who do not know me. ”

10. “Packaging” for a quick trip. I must assure you that I water my medication, a small pillow, a book, a helmet, baby wipes (my medication makes me sweat) and any kind of mint (drugs make me nauseous). short trips can become good business quickly. I have to be ready for any situation. My family now refer to my purse as “Mary Poppins bag”.

11. “[I used to] saying,” I’m fine, just tired “if someone asks if something is wrong. Just “I’m fine” if someone asks how I am in general. ”

12. “place a pillow between the knees and / or behind the neck, under the arms, etc. Touch my knees, my neck against the couch or bed or my skin touching a table can be so painful that I can not feel at ease, so [I] pillows everywhere. ”


13. “A bad habit of taking years of medical stigma is to minimize my pain and not to mention such” minor symptoms until I regard as “somewhat important”. I do not want to be seen as exaggerating or hypochondriac. ”

14. “Keep a planner in the bag. Everything had written (if I lose my phone) and a post-it on the bottom of my phone with highlights / quotes the week. ”

15. “personal care. Before my diagnosis, I really do not think about the impact of personal care. Now the smallest acts of self-care can have the greatest impact on me, both physically and mentally. And with fibro, mental well-being is associated with maintaining remote physical symptoms. ”

16. “Every time someone touched accidentally, immediately apologized and ask if they are OK. People make fun of me for it, that “of course” no harm, but it is because small details can do damage at random, I’m used to ensure that you have accidentally hurt anyone ” .

17. “A little I realized today: I try to bring something, my phone in general, and [when] in and out of the room and turn on and off the normal light, I use my phone to do instead of my hand because it hurts my hand. ”

18. “I handle my joints constantly. Click, crackle, pop every morning and am constantly rolling my neck and push down on the trigger points. ”

19. “I’m terrified of making plans. There are so many times that you have to cancel at the last minute. People get angry or think that I do this. I am stressed at the idea of ​​making plans. ”

20. “[I used to] isolation. I am a very happy and social person, but I seem to spend more and more time alone. And I do not think it’s healthy too. It’s just a coping skill that has become a bad habit. I do not want my comfort zone and smaller. ”

21. “Do not say ‘no’ when really should not do something because I feel like I let people. ”

22. “Get ready for a rainy day weeks in advance. Books, movies, television, refrigerator, home meds collected, clean, etc. ”

23. “When my boyfriend or someone will touch me or hold me in his arms clenched my fists and my arms immediately to cover the upper body so it can not. I called my fight pose. It is not intentional and occurs without conscious thought. I guess it’s because it hurts so much and the way my body is myself more protected just one touch pain in the wrong area can regulate pain meter above “.

24. “The stimulation – the rhythm is key. I spent a lot of time to myself timing do simple chores around the house and take note of how they had time to recover and gradually work how long it can reasonably do each activity before need to rest without causing an epidemic. I put timers when I do household chores to remember to stop and take a break. ”

25. “[Tomo] weekly of Epsom salt baths with aromatherapy to help me relax decompresses physically and mentally. ”

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