Magalie, optimistic fibromyalgia

When we cross Gouirand Magalie and her bright smile, it is hard to imagine the ills that plague the life of this young mother 40 years.

Magalie is touched for ten years by fibromyalgia. It all started with malaise, diffuse pain and enormous fatigue. She was then 30 years old, thoughtful spouse, a job that fascinates her and indulges in his favorite activity, dancing, as often as she can.

“I feel tired and sore permanently,” she says. Begins for the young woman and her family a real obstacle course that will last four years: medical consultations, examinations of all kinds, hospitalizations, increase in sick leave, with usually only answer “it’s stress, work overload “.

Her employer is very understanding and entrusts him a position in therapeutic half. The halftime proves alas! very difficult to reconcile with the position of part Magalie then occupies in a big company sales department.

Until this morning of 2011 when the diagnosis falls: fibromyalgia. It is oriented to the Pain Center at CHU Bretonneau. then explains that she will have to make a choice between continuing their activities or take time to heal. “Everything falls apart, it was a very difficult time: I was going to mourn a job I loved and stop dancing. I wondered what I would become. “

To help him accept the disease and what it generates, it is followed by a cognitive behavioral psychiatrist. A multidisciplinary protocol is implemented: sleeping, physiotherapy, medication, workshops. At 35, she is dismissed for incompetence and recognized by the MDPH disabled worker. His disability is recognized by the CPAM. “My husband has always been present and attentive and was very supportive, just like my family unit. “

She talks with other patients, hear the difficulties experienced by everyone, because the professional and friendly environment, often do not understand.
Laurence Lens, also affected by the disease, they create the association in December 2014 Fibromyalgia Acting Together. “We want to help others, guiding, supporting, fighting for the same values,” they explain.

The association now has fifty-five members and participates annually in the World Day of fibromyagie to Bretonneau Hospital. Each month, she organizes Saint-Cyr in discussion groups and a project adapted physical activities in Agenda 2018.
Magalie found a part time job AESH (Accompanying students experiencing handicap) who fills. And there are sixteen months, she gave birth to Alexis. What a beautiful message of hope and joy of living!

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