Feature | Phrases with cheerful messages to combat boredom, pain and sorrow

Fatima Gomez enjoyed his work at the forefront of fashion shops until fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue settled in his life.

Fatima Gomez enjoyed his work at the forefront of fashion shops until fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue settled in his life. This problem, combined with several unhealed cervical hernias, has transformed the daily life of this ferrolana since 2009, when he was diagnosed with the disease.
Two years ago, to take some of those long hours spent lying on a sofa, Fatima decided to create a profile on Instagram, one of the fastest growing social networking has experienced in recent times.
“At first my photos hung on the net, my day, a totally personal space. Then one day it occurred to me to hang a funny phrase and that was when people started thanking me for my work; was a total surprise, I never would have imagined, but hey, I’m glad to see that at least served my time for other people get a little bit of happiness , “he says. 

Fátima Gómez, before entering one of their regular medical consultations |  daniel alexandre

Today more than 38,400 remain “faithful” worldwide, a figure that grows every day. In addition publications are applauded by celebrities, among which, among others, actress and blogger Paula Echevarria, one of the Spanish who has more followers on this social network. Ensures learned that the “influencer” par excellence was by chance, when someone told him about two months ago.
“Actually, I do what I do to receive praise from anyone or looking for any kind of relevance, but of course I was pleasantly surprised to know that the Asturian actress followed me; It is a pleasure”.
His cheerful Instagram profile, which hangs funny phrases and jokes daily, has nothing to do with his life. He is currently in treatment to stop opiates that help you fight suffering severe pain. In addition, after ten years at the helm of the company where he worked, he has been forced to quit her job to give high Social Security.
“I can hardly itself down the stairs of my house to be joining my work; I all I ask is a medical solution to my problem and get back to work. Was happy working and what I want most is to return to feel useful again and that my family would not have to see how I use every day, “said Fatima, who also appreciates” the tremendous effort and support “that give her husband, his son and the rest of their loved ones, who have wrapped up during this long process and fighting disease.
After different seasons low, the Social Security decided to discharge in October last year, when she weighed only 39 kilos. A resolution that forced her to quit her job and is now unemployed. “My fear is that at any time call me to work and I, frankly, do not know how I will be able to work until they give me a solution to alleviate these pains that accompany me every day.”
Fatima hopes that someday recognize their illness and a disability grant or give any solution to rehabilitate it again in order to practice their profession. “That would be what I like, and get back out to the street, to enjoy life and my family, I can not remember what that is , ” he explains.
After a tour of Galicia and numerous clinics in the country, Fatima is “without seeing the light on the road” without an accurate diagnosis without a treatment that alleviates pain.
It has gone through different diagnoses, from depression to anorexia. She says that “it is logical, after years of pain without any remedy, is that one enters a depression like deprimirse- not, but mine is much more than that , ” he says.
Fatima must also face another consequence of their current health status, and the accused is suffering weight loss, something that has changed its appearance quite considerably in recent times. His face also reflects the slump is going suffering from pain and lack of appetite, marking on his face those wrinkles that have served to name your Instagram profile (@lady_arrugas) which gives every day thousands of smiles to his faithful followers some prominent faces of the country and other anonymous people looking for small doses of happiness which, curiously, someone who distributes happiness it is more dodging.

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