“I was poor, powerless, and the doctor told me it was a loose”

How we can change your life in a minute knows much a Sevillian 42 called Teresa García García . Today she is happy because the courts, not the state have recognized him “I can not pull my body”; because he has two children who help, an exemplary husband and a wonderful family. But no force, no treatment that will give you energy and remove the pain. Just take antidepressants to cope better than your body does not correspond to his age, “but to a woman 80 years” and that “I just want to be lying with his eyes closed.”Teresa García García with the sentence that gives the reason

Just take antidepressants because it also has to digest what if from the outset he had diagnosed his illness, if he had quoted the five years prior to the court ruling that gave last June , the total permanent disability, and instead of an allowance of 640 euros would have been one of 1,300.

He was 33 years old in 2009 a good job in an office, well paid and a perfect life with her husband and two children aged 5 years and 6 months.

But one morning he got up to go to work and felt like I had the flu. After a few days and after seeing it was getting worse made an appointment with his doctor in the outpatient La Plata.

“When I commented that I hurt all over, I had no strength to stand, or write on the computer told me it was stress. I left the consultation knowing it was not true. A few weeks later I returned to the persistence of symptoms day and night and I again say it was stress. And so for 8 months. One day talking with a friend, he told me he had the same symptoms as his wife and had fibromyalgia. So again I asked my doctor appointment and asked if I could be that disease. He replied that it was a disease invented by someone who would be bored. “

severe fibromyalgia

Optional Teresa changed and touched a new medicines. At the first appointment, after explaining your symptoms, he said he already knew what was happening, but I had to send to the orthopedist and rheumatologist to be sure. After the tests confirmed the diagnosis: severe fibromyalgia, chronic low back pain cervicodorsalgia and mechanics. Then went to an internist who also confirmed the ‘after more testing, because it is a disease discard because there is no biological marker that says there at the moment. ” Gradually they emerged more diseases associated how Raynaud syndrome, arthritis, anxiety, depression ….. “How to avoid falling into a depression when you see you’re stuck in a body of a woman of 80 years. When neither you catch your children in armsWhen the slightest effort leaves you in bed for three days. When your husband has to be a father, mother, housewife …. “he says.

So he worked two years in which his life was spent between work and the bed or sofa. Until one day her boss told her she could not go on, she knew low. He had lost 10 kilos. He stayed in 43 and under the “inacertado advice of my lawyer, asked passing the medical board.

He was not given the inability and went to trial. He lost by not having “exhausted all therapeutic avenues” and not having “reports where my inability to work or my daily life is indicated.”

“At first I sank -more- but eventually was what prompted me to continue fighting for my rights chronic how ill, although the issue was almost impossible. About three years ago I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome and after several trips by different specialists, emergency room one day I was referred to an internist. This in turn to a pulmonologist who first made me and all necessary tests to find out what degree had the disease. I have that syndrome in grade IV and severe disability . That, I’m sure I’ve had from the beginning, but how to wash their hands and when emergency’ll send you to take your kids to the park, to meet people who are really sick, I was told textually .. .”, it states.

He managed to get good reports and advised by a friend, she hired one of the best lawyers in these conditions: Javier León Iglesias, Zaragoza . After more than about year and a half of waiting, came the trial for the lawsuit against the National Institute of Social Security and General Treasury of the Social Security

“Several months later , he adds , the judge granted me permanent total disability. It was a very strange feeling. I was very happy because in the end they recognized that he was very sick and could not work on anything, but at the same time I felt a great sadness to realize that myself. So young, with 42 years. Whole life ahead, but what kind of life. I have had two suicide attempts , and when I look ahead I see only pain, extreme fatigue, and pain. “

“They told me I did not want to work”

He remembers when doctors told him that “everything was in my head that I did not want was to work, it was a loose and take care of my children” . Now it will request aid covered by the Law Unit and has also claimed 33% disability has been recognized that the Junta de Andalucía. But she wants, above all, that people are reflected in their situation “fight and not throw in the towel ‘to get at least it recognized the inability of .”

“My life is spent tired, I sleep but I wake up as if he had not slept. But I have my family, my children aged 13 and 9 years helped them to study even lying in bed . I can not do exercise, just walking 15 minutes a day and slowly, or housework or anything. It relaxes the sea, although I can not take a shower because I can not stand the temperature changes, but it relaxes me, “Teresa ends.


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