Mental fog: a common phenomenon in people with fibromyalgia

To prevent recurrence of episodes of mental fog is important that we learn to relax, because stress and anxiety can be triggers for the same

Mental fog, also known as fibro fog, is a cognitive phenomenonassociated normally to intense stress processes and, above all, fibromyalgia.

They are not simple oversights or common oversights associated with nervousness nor the effect of time.

The person experiencing these processes have the distinct feeling that something is wrong with your brain .

Patients presenting fibrofog often forget the name of their relatives, become disoriented, can not concentrate and are unable to make decisions in a particular moment.

They are specific events that come and go; however, the person lives with such intensity and, above all, with so much fear is a distinct sense of being and living the onset of dementia.

However, we must be clear about some aspects. Mental fog is a classic diagnosing fibromyalgia factor .

The second thing to remember is that  through appropriate strategies and skills can control the fibrofog for the impact on our daily lives is much lower.

Here’s how to get it.

Mental haze, a problem of our neurons

Imagine for a moment all our very dense and complex neural network.

Agility when remembering data, integrate new information and react to certain stimuli always depends on the quality of our connections .

The connection of a neuron depends turn of neurotransmitters , electrical imposed and certain proteins.

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Mental fog has its origin in a “disconnect” small group of neurons in the cortical area.

the origin of why this phenomenon occurs is not known; however, it has been found that almost always appears in the following circumstances:

  • In patients with fibromyalgia.
  • When we experience certain hormonal changes such as the menopause.
  • In those times that we are experiencing great stress.
  • When we are practicing classical addicts that “modern evil” called multitasking , ie spend our days doing multiple things at once infinite and assuming responsibilities.
  • Also, it has been shown that people who are allergic to gluten often also have mental fog.

Symptoms of mental fog


The fibrofog encompasses several cognitive failures that are momentary.

That is, they do not accumulate and progressively weaken the quality of life of the person until completely disconnected from reality, as with dementias: it is something that lasts for seconds or minutes.

However, despite the poor durability of these phenomena, we can say that their risk can sometimes be extreme.

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Let us see detail.

  • People suffering fibrofog suffer “leakage or absences” momentary .
  • That is, they can become disoriented while driving or may even be driving automatically without awareness of what they are doing.

It is, as we say, a very dangerous thing.

  • It is also common to be having a conversation and suddenly get disconnected without understanding what we are saying or what we were talking.
  • It is also common to forget names, appointments, losing things, not knowing what we have to do at a given moment …

What strategies to follow when we suffer mental fog

businesswoman with headache

The most important thing in these cases is to first have a diagnosis. The fibrofog is associated with a disease or deficiency state needed to treat.

If we suffer stress you need to change habits. If we are going through the menopause we should seek advice from our doctors. If you have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia it is necessary to follow all the guidelines that we recommend.

Once we clear the root problem, we will face symptomology, as it is in this case the fibrofog.

These would be some simple tips.

A greater anxiety, major episodes of fibrofog

If we become obsessed with that we will forget our appointment and that at any time “we will be blank”, most likely happen.

  • A greater fear and anxiety , more episodes of mental fog. It is therefore necessary to accept it and standardize it .
  • It is advisable that before leaving home, we write on paper what we do and where we go .

This will give us greater security and alleviate some of the fear of being “lost”.

  • Remember always keep the phone in your pocket.

Support your family

Another essential aspect is that our immediate environment knows what we’re going through.

“I suffer fibromyalgia is common, occasionally, I go blank, I forget things or you do not know what you’re saying. Understand me, help me and be patient with me. “

We must normalize this situation. Because, the more calm we have, the less arise absences and white states.

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Yes the mental exercise

Boost your brain with sudoku for mental fog

We need to do mental gymnastics. Thereby expedite mind and avoid those “off” momentary certain groups of neurons.

  • Read books, write, draw.
  • Make use of the games of mental stimulation  you have at your disposal in any application on your phone or computer.
  • Performs sudoku, crossword puzzles, play chess …

It is never too late to exercise your mind. Mental fog can always escamparse if the face with a positive attitude.

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