22 Metaphors That Describe What Fibromyalgia Feels Like

1. “I feel like [I’m] always swimming through mud. Like my mind is obstructed. My appendages are substantial and each and every activity requires a lot of exertion. My muscles are drained and temperamental. It’s much the same as pushing through a lowland constantly.”

2. “It resembles having seasonal influenza all the time joined with feeling like somebody physically beat you up. At the same time being relied upon to work typically.”


3. “The cerebrum haze resembles the scenes of Charlie Brown when the grown-ups talk. All you hear is the stifled bull horn when individuals talk. It gets completely turned inside out and looks bad in your cerebrum. When you converse with individuals on the telephone you can’t think about the correct words, you get your sentences completely turned inside out and you don’t bode well. Individuals gaze at you and you know they have no clue about what you are discussing.

4. “It resembles all aspects of your body is wounded however [the bruises] are imperceptible, and some of the time you wish they were noticeable in light of the fact that at that point individuals may consider your agony important.”

5. “It’s continually thinking about whether anybody got the tag of that truck that continues running you again and again and over. Without stopping for even a minute.

6. “You’re a kite being hurled about by concealed powers drifting a long way from reality on a tie that can break at any minute.

7. “My muscles are so frail they feel as if I’m endeavoring to walk while midriff somewhere down in tar with a few cinderblocks fixing to my legs and arms.”

8. “Remain alert for three days at that point fill your rain boots with broken glass. While wearing your broken glass rain boots, run laps while being shot with paintballs.”

9. “It resembles somebody has a voodoo doll of you they can’t take off alone.”

10. “Envision your iPhone is broken. Each time you energize it, it might demonstrate a full battery however in actuality it’s continually sitting at 30 percent. Your telephone has many capacities, each requiring an alternate measure of energy. It’s dependent upon you how you utilize your battery. On the off chance that you stick to little exercises like messaging your battery will last more. In the event that you watch a video or play a diversion then you will run out speedier. On the off chance that you come up short on battery your telephone will turn off totally and take more time to charge. Fibro is the same. Your body has an exceptionally constrained supply of vitality. You need to ponder what you do each day so you don’t come up short on battery and close down.”

Things People With Fibromyalgia Want Others To Know

11. “[Fibromyalgia is] like wearing a lead smock in the wake of pulling a dusk ’til dawn affair a couple of days in the wake of being back finished.”

12. “[It’s] like my skeleton is two sizes too huge for whatever remains of me, and each bone has been curved set up.”

13. “It’s that inclination you get when you’ve worked out too hard at the exercise center, however it’s constantly and you should simply move to get it.”

14. “Envision the most noticeably bad torment you have ever felt. Presently make it 10 times more extraordinary and over your entire body. Presently envision that inclination never leaves in light of the fact that there is no cure.”

15. “[It’s] like an elephant is perched on you – you sense that you spend the entire day attempting to drive it off. It’s debilitating and doesn’t work!”

16. “It resembles I am a ship secured down and everything I can feel is the heaviness of the stay while additionally feeling extreme consumes, cutting, electric stuns and like I’ve been beaten and keep running over [by] a transport all through my body.”

17. “It resembles you are dependably on spring break – you’re worn out, you’re hungover, you haven’t sufficiently flushed water, your body harms all over the place and you’re sickened constantly; and you continue getting more seasoned and less ready to manage the side effects.”

18. “It resembles being on a carousel. You turn around and around, bleary eyed, hurting from clutching the stallion for so long, gut grasped agonizingly, cerebral pain approaching, and you can’t recall the word for stop!”

19. “It resembles wearing a X-beam lead overskirt constantly while having this season’s cold virus and a sunburn everywhere. Sometimes, somebody comes up and pours high temp water over you, or sticks you with pins. You’re worn out constantly, however when you set down to rest you can’t get settled, and you don’t rest soundly (or for long). Furthermore, this rehashes like ‘Groundhog Day’ consistently.”

20. “It resembles riding the world’s ideal, scariest, loopy, brimming with a wide range of contort and turns rollercoaster again and again without having to really get on it.

21. “Having fibromyalgia resembles an adjust bar. In the event that you have excessively rest for your left hand, you will tumble off from absence of movement. On the off chance that you have excessively movement in your correct hand, you will tumble off the opposite side. You need to discover the adjust or you will tumble off, and it’s extremely hard to get go down.

22. “[It’s] like awakening with this season’s flu virus consistently, however it never runs its course. Also, you need to live with it always, and imagine it’s not there.”

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