The side effects of chronic pain nobody talks

It is normal to mention the side effects that everyone can see, but that the side effects that are not seen? What dare ask because they are afraid of the answer (and then wish they had not asked the question).

Chronic pain is an invisible disease, which means that the hidden side effects.

First of all, and sometimes it is obviously the  weight gain and loss   . I ‘ve not met or talked with a person with a chronic illness she is happy with her weight. Face it, some people are very happy with their weight, but they all these drugs just to be able to overcome one day takes a toll on your weight. That steroid medication for nerve pain or opioids, prolonged use can have an effect. But because of our disease, exercise can only exist because let’s face it, if you can get out of bed one morning which essentially climbed Everest. Enough said. But it is a constant battle with drugs and exercise, and certainly not a battle that none of us choose to fight.

Mood   . Mood swings are a fact, for every human being, which is what we do as human beings, but we added pain and severe and debilitating drugs, and it ‘s like a bomb delay. Everyone has days off, but when you are in so much pain, the slightest thing can cause it to explode, and no apparent reason. Some drugs that I took in the past have made me angry sometimes and not being in control of your mood is fear. You can almost see what happens – this switch inside you clicks and boom, beware – you! But in the mêmesouffle, it can be so delightfully happy, almost delirious, forgetting the bad moods, until the “click” switch.

Patience   . Since most of your time is spent waiting for doctors, surgeons, and everyone, you might think that patience was a fact. No, I have less patience now I did it, but not everything I do. I have less patience for faffing being downright rude, General BS and stress. Stress is the main factor of the pain in my body, I try to avoid at all costs – which in itself can be stressful (go figure!). Working course not always, and I’ll get excited which in turn causes a huge drop, but I learn to deal with things much better. But if we are to that person is better than any gift all had a little more patience with someone who knows he has a disease, the benefit.

Mental health   . Of course, this is a great side effect and is easily hidden. Consider the fact that this person has gone from a healthy person, his life changed in an instant. This “is not an easy process, it never will, that afflicts every day for the person they once were, but how to deal with the fact that this person has gone, probably forever? No wonder depression is a major side effect? Anxiety is also at stake here, because not knowing how to deal with this “new” life is very new territory, and scary. No wonder people may be worried?

Lifestyle   . What may – be a carefree life where I did what you wanted, it was translated into routine care management, and it is a shock to the system before. Imagine having a successful career and a good / comfortable (as comfortable as possible!) And then suddenly life becomes a chronic illness, is unable to work or provide for your family, let alone him – even. Unable to function without help, or do things as before. All things taken away in the blink of an eye. The lifestyle you’ve ever had was traded against something you fight for control, much less used.

Skin / hair etc.   Now of course you can see the skin (not all the skin, of course) and the hair, nails, etc., but with medication, fatigue and other factors, our skin and hair can take a beating, too. My skin has changed relatively normal very super sensitive. If something still touches my skin, I have a reaction. My face is now full of spots, which come for a few weeks off, then disappear, then revisit as never before. Reactions to medications can cause terrible skin problems. Hair can also come at a faster pace than its growth.

Privacy   . Not everything is about sex if you are in a relationship. Of course there are many other ways to be affectionate and loving with your partner. But if you have painful intercourse and evil – if you put off having sex? If people who have the disease Pain / Chronic not to have sex? I do not believe that; just because we are in pain does not mean that we do not have the same needs as others. It is to adapt and find what works and what does not increase pain levels. Just have fun experimenting!

Finance   . I do not have money like all the time. endless medications, lotions and potions, treatments, travel to appointments – you, it all adds up. And if you can not work, it is even more difficult. It is a gift that will be the pressure. It is very difficult for me to admit that I need financial aid. I do not like to ask anyone for money or assistance, but it is something I have to work – my own pride. You worry about the money only adds to stress, and stress makes it worse.

There are many side effects – side effects that seem to be taboo. But why? None of the above points should be hidden or not spoken! For those who have a loved one with a chronic illness is, all you need is a friendly support and be there for someone, and have some understanding of what that person has to treat ear.

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