The side effects of fibromyalgia: nobody talks about

Everyone always wants to be the best, is not it? For those with fibromyalgia, just getting out of bed can be a monumental task, let alone look “good.”Fibromyalgia has a huge impact on our body physically, mentally and emotionally. Over the years, I experienced some things that make me crazy about my body. I learned that I could not do much, so I’d better try not too concerned about my appearance.

We asked “What are the side effects of fibromyalgia that nobody talks about?” In our community, “Living with Fibromyalgia and chronic disease.” They shared their opinions with us. Regardless of their opinions are below.

  1. Fear: fear of illness rejected by doctors, fear of not being believed, fear of the future.Feeling a (failed) because you can not work when the rest of the family works out.
  1. Hypochondria, but at the same time, assuming that the new symptoms are just fibro and do not watch them.I never knew I could be both at the same time.
  1. Dental problems.Not just the ATM, even teeth that hurt as if they had been drilled.I mean gum disease and dry mouth and tooth decay that occurs even if you take care of your teeth.
  1. Despair: Having to ask for help when you have been a very independent person.
  1. Self-esteem: Unable to work and loss of self-worth, Unable to get dressed and presentable, attractiveness feelings of loss for partner Unable to accomplish small tasks you’ve always done, feeling useless, Esteem self reaches the skids, causing depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts.
  1. Mourning.Mourning the loss of my career, being the mother I was having any kind of positive future, etc.Apathy. Anger. Anger. Not really living while silently wishing death – painfully useless EXISTING. Feeling misunderstood by everyone, which further increases the isolation. The delirium of waking up every two hours throughout the night every night for years. The total lack of any self-esteem is an understatement. The guilt of not being the perfect wife, mother, nanna, daughter, employee … Grief for the life I had, Grief for the life I have planned, Frustration I can not think or speak properly
  1. cramps, nausea, pee all the time, worthlessness, fatigue, anger, fear of the future, loss or weight gain, weakness, fatigue, pain, forgetfulness, mental disorders, anxiety or loneliness panic attacks.headache, chest pain foot pain food sensitivity light sensitivity list goes on everyone deferent symptoms.Sometimes lost interest in general for everything and everyone.
  1. Memory, doctors do not care or do not give you time.Loss of friends Family frustrated with you because you can not give them the attention and the things you have always done before.Headaches migraines all the time constant changes in vision.
  1. Feeling much older than your actual age.


  1. Balancing: Feeling that you will always fall due to loss of balance … so this leads me to more anxiety and panic attacks.

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