1. Maybe you do not know anything about fibromyalgia and therefore is ignorant of the facts. Perhaps you’ve heard of fibromyalgia, but is believed to be a nervous condition that is “all in your head.” Or you acknowledge that there may be something “wrong” with me, but do you think I exaggerate my “condition”. I am writing this letter because I want to clear up any incorrect assumptions that the note FMS (fibromyalgia syndrome) and will tell you how your assumptions make me feel.

    When you believe that this is not a “real” condition and those who say that FMS is looking for attention:
    I assure you, I and about 3-6 percent of the world’s population with this condition (according to the National Association Fibromyalgia) did not wake up one morning and decide, “You know, I feel a little neglected emotionally today. I think I’ll talk about my brain to come up with a fake illness to get people to notice me. So let’s talk collectively us to have joint pain and acute pain traveling around our bodies and minds, numbing fatigue, points that make us want to scream when touched and skin that sometimes feels burned for days. ”

    When you suggest all I need is exercise, better diet or a hobby:
    Well, I used to travel all up and down the streets and hills around my house. That is, until I could barely walk for days afterwards. The exercise did not stop my FMS increased asthma attacks, so more exercise will certainly not be the cure.

    And when it comes to diet, trust me, I am aware that I have put in an extra 30 pounds in recent years as fibromyalgia really kicked in. I’m trapped inside this body 24/7, wanting desperately hoping things change. Before judging too harshly, my disease is a disorder of the central nervous system. “Central”, which means that from which all branches. It affects almost every aspect of myself. My body does not metabolize and lose weight as a healthy person does. In fact, I work hard to keep the weight I am. I bet dollars to donuts (no pun intended) that as much less than you make and eat healthier foods. Walk a mile in my shoes, my friend.

    When do you think I sound whiny or as a hypochondriac:
    Rarely they open with people about my daily life with fibromyalgia. I assure you, I am sharing a fraction of what it really feels to have FMS. I know people can burn the unintentional negativity those of us with chronic illness may experience.

    That’s why I say you just a little, and more often than not saying anything at all. You are not there to hear the cry of pain when gripping my joints and I like coffee fills the kitchen floor. You do not see me looking at trying to control my facial features so the pain I feel when going up or down stairs in the theater is not obvious to anyone looking. They do not realize the time that the blood in the veins has been replaced with cement, but gets up and continues with the routine of the day anyway.

    When you want to show love and support for people with fibromyalgia or chronic illness “invisible”:
    We are not looking for anyone to feel sorry for us. What we really want most of all is the validation. Just to know that someone thinks that our disease is real. They are not faking or exaggerating symptoms. We know that “look good” on the outside, but if you could turn our inside out, you could see the true face of our condition.

    support through patience and presence. Remember that this is not chosen our life, but the life that chose to persevere and prosper regardless of the unexpected way now have to walk on the so-called “chronic illness.”

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