Treatment For Fibromyalgia Knee Pain

Fibromyalgia knee pain can be a result of many things and not all are directly attributed to fibromyalgia, but with tender and trigger points compounding this area, it is very common to have fibro related knee pain.

Two of the eighteen fibromyalgia tender points are located around the knee area, on both sides. Various activities can exacerbate fibromyalgia knee pain. Tight muscles, tendons and ligaments within close proximity can also increase pain in this vulnerable area.

Although a fibromyalgia diagnosis includes much more than eighteen tender points, there are still some areas like the knees that tend to affect more of the surrounding areas; this is likely due to the weight bearing nature and any associated joint issues.

Also the SS (symptom severity) evaluation test can be helpful in a decision to treat these more vulnerable areas of the fibro body.

Fibromyalgia Knee Pain


As well, the trigger points that we often refer to can also cause radiating pain around the knee, up and down the leg and into the hip flexors and lower back.


Fibromyalgia knee pain can cause increased symptoms when standing, especially for prolonged periods of time, and more in the latter part of the day for those with any kind of standing job.

Also, even excessive sitting at a desk and/or lack of regular range of motion within this area can cause painful symptoms.

This may be attributed to a strain or tightness within the quadrant around the sartorius muscle and perpetual tightness in the hamstrings which also ‘pull’ on the knee and can contribute to TRP’s or trigger points around the knee, radiating upward into the groin and hip flexors and also downward into the shins and ankles.

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