Yoga for Fibromyalgia

The age old question still lingers for fibromyalgia sufferers: how the heck do people work out with fibro? How does anyone manage to go to the gym, run, bike or even walk without collapsing from the severe pain?

There’s an easy answer to that and it’s “nobody knows”. Really, doctors don’t even know. Pain affects so many people differently. What hasbeen deduced is that people experience fibromyalgia pain much more differently than others. Here is an example: “Susie” has pain mainly in her neck when she sits for a long time. It spreads down her back when she sits for any prolonged amount of time and then she ends up bed ridden when she gets home after work. Now let’s talk about “Melissa”. This time it’s a little bit different. Melissa doesn’t have it as bad. She is able to run 5k’s monthly, attends Zumba class every Friday and, on top of all of that, she goes to a 2 hour Crossfit class before work even starts.

Keep in mind, these are two real examples I’ve heard of from our social media assets.

So how can two people be so insanely different both have a debilitating chronic illness? Well, from what we know fibromyalgia doesn’t pick and choose who it affects. Maybe Melissa was super fit before being diagnosed. Maybe Susie has another condition that affects her posture and spine.

What about Yoga? This is a fantastic way to improve your physical health while not absolutely destroying yourself. Yoga incorporates breathing, stretching and mental exercises that improve your overall well being. The best part? It’s a low impact way to stay fit. It’s as hard as you want it to be and it can be done anywhere, though most fibromyalgia sufferers prefer home.

“So, where do I start?” That’s the question we hear most often. It’s best to start off as easily as possible. You don’t want to do what “Melissa” does as a starting point. Start with your nutrition and water intake. Once you get a grasp on that, work on the actual stretching part by incorporating the following stretches into your daily routine and then move into your own advanced stretching.


Corpse Pose

Perhaps one of the more famous poses is the corpse or savannah pose. It looks just like this! This pose is more about stretching the length of your back and relaxing your mind. Let go of your stress in life, remind yourself that life is a gift and that you are awesome. Just try not to fall asleep!


Child’s Pose

This pose is known as the child’s pose. Like the first pose, this involves relaxing the mind and letting your body go. This yoga pose is just a bit more complicated than the last one. Remember, you know your body and you know your limits better than anyone else. If you start to hurt on this one, take a break or try again. If it’s too much go back to the first pose.


Legs on the Wall

Creative name on this one right? This gentle hip releasing yoga pose is ideal for those that want to keep understanding their body and their limits. Unlike this picture, it would be much easier for you to start with your head and shoulders touching the ground. Remember not to strain yourself!

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